Steps in Successfully Invoking Personal Change

If you struggle with maintaining the changes that you begin, continue to read.

1) The behavior that I wish to change is:

2) The support that I need to make and maintain this change is:

3) The amount of time it will take me to make this change is:

4) After making this change, I will look, act, and feel differently in the following ways:

5) If I fail to make this change, I will have sabotaged this change by .....(thoughts and behaviors)

6) Realizing that there are areas in my life where I have maintained change,  I will use my successes by: 

This is a simple contract. One may note that step five makes the assumption that one has previously attempted to make the change in question. By the time most people are willing to really get serious about maintaining a change, they have a few attempts under their belt.

Step six requires us to look at our success in maintaining other changes and to determine what factors led to our success, regardless of the duration of the success. We all have frames-of-reference for maintaining change, but we must identify them and then replicate them in new areas. Build on your successes and take the focus off of your failures.